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Activity Books #1 and Volume #2

Kids activity Book #1 Kids activity Book #2

Word search and SudokuSudoku word search

Word Search Sudoku Puzzles

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Trivia is made so you can play with friends and family. There are 400 questions and answers at the back. Have fun.

Downloadable PDF

Mazes of all different shapes. In total there are 101 mazes and also solutions for if you get stuck.

Mazes of different shapes to try. Download digital product PDF.

Trivia #1 $6 Medium Mazes $7.99

Simple trivia Books

Simple Trivia questions for your fun game nights or just to test your knowledge and learn some interesting stuff you may not know.

Simple Trivia is 200 questions and answers. downloadable PDF

Simple trivia is 200 questions and answers for game night or just to learn some interesting knowledge.

Simple Trivia #2 is another 200 questions to add to your collection. Downloadable PDF.

Simple Trivia #1 $3 Simple Trivia #2 $3

Christmas games are fun for kids downloadable PDF $2.50

This is 14 different fun games and answers. 2 designed dice at the back to cut out and make.